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This will be a 50 : 50 raffle, with half the proceeds awarded to the winner, and the other half split between the Spofford Lake Association and the Chesterfield Historical Society.

Tickets may only be purchased on line, (see below), and will be $ 10.00 each

You may purchase as many tickets as you like, but you must "Register" and purchase each ticket individually. 

You do NOT need to be an SLA member to purchase tickets, anyone may play, tell your family & friends !

The winning date will be determined by the SLA ice out lottery committee.  Consistent with previous precedent for state reporting, this will be the first date on which there is no visible ice anywhere on the lake surface, at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon.

If there is more than one entry for the winning date, a single winner will be selected by a random drawing conducted by the committee

If no one selects the winning date, the next date purchased following the winning date, will be recognized as the winning date.

All ticket sales will be discontinued on February 15, 2021.

Winner will be notified at the "registered" e-mail which was used to purchase the ticket.

    • 21 Dec 2020
    • (EST)
    • 1 May 2021
    • (EDT)

    Click at the lower left to  REGISTER your Ice Out Date and pay for your ticket.

    You may purchase as many tickets as you like, but must register and pay for each ticket individually.

    E-mail; info@SpoffordLakeAssociation.org 

    for any questions or problems with ticket purchase.

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