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NH DES Septic System Laws and Rules &

Proposed Lake District Septic System Regulations

The Spofford Lake Association's mission is to protect, enhance and sustain the ecological, environmental and recreational character of Spofford Lake and the surrounding watershed. Given this, the SLA actively supports and encourages efforts to reduce and eliminate actions or substances deemed harmful to the Lake's water quality.

The lake is a jewel of clean and clear water. Shoreline residents enjoy the Lake's ever changing natural beauty and immediate access to its recreational offerings. With these benefits come the responsibility and obligation to act in the interest of the Lake's health.

As noted in our recent newsletter, the Lake is changing.  We cannot treat it the way we did 50 or even 25 years ago. To this end, the town has proposed a health regulation for septic systems in the Spofford Lake District (https://chesterfield.nh.gov).  The goal of this regulation is to protect the lake by ensuring that septic systems close to the Lake are not in failure, are being maintained properly and, over time, are all DES approved. The proposal includes, among other items, filing with the Town and meeting ongoing inspection and pumping requirements. Additionally, all Lake District septic systems, upon property sale or transfer, will require DES certification regardless of condition. Particularly for legacy systems, this may be costly.

The Board of Selectmen is interested in hearing from you on this issue. Please email your concerns to: office@nhchesterfield.com. Thank you.

For the SLA Board, 

Bayard Tracy

Attached below is the draft proposal being considered by the Chesterfield Board of Selectmen and an abbreviated description of the NH DES laws and administrative rules regarding septic systems. It's important to note that the proposed Lake District regulations build on existing DES regulations

Draft- Wastewater-Disposal-System-Regulation-5. (for the Spofford Lake District).pdf

DES Water Subsurface System Law and Admin Rules.pdf

If you have questions or comments please send us an email through the Contact Us page.

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