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Sand, Swim Lines, and Docks

Below is a short listing of state departments you can contact concerning frequently asked questions about the following:


Sand Regulations: NH Dept of Environmental Services ( DES) 603 271-2147

Permitting Non-Tidal Beaches (PDF)

Wetlands Permit-by-Notification (PBN) Application Form (NH.gov)

Sand: You must obtain a permit from DES to add sand to the shoreline. It is prohibited to add sand to the lake. A project involving beach sand replenishment must qualify for PBN approval.

Here are some of the requirements outlined in Rule Wt 303.04 (aa):

Replenishment of sand on an existing nontidal beach provided:

  • No sand shall be placed below the normal high water line or full pond elevation;
  • No work shall be conducted in or adjacent to a prime wetland;
  • No more than 10 cubic yards of sand shall be used; and
  • Beach replenishment can not exceed the limit of one replenishment every 6-yr Period.

Fact Sheet regarding beaches:

Permitting Non-Tidal Beaches (PDF)

Online Form for Permitting (NH.gov)

Wetlands Permit-by-Notification (PBN) Application Form (NH.gov)

Swim Lines:

Swim Lines: Marine Patrol 603 293-0091

Below are basic state guidelines. Unless a swim line variance is requested and approved, no swim line shall be placed beyond the point where the depth of water exceeds six feet or a distance from shore of 50 feet, whichever occurs first.

Application for Swim Line Permit (NH.gov)


DOCKS on NH lakes require a permit and must conform to size and position requirements. See the below DES Fact Sheet, 'Permitting of Non-Commercial  Freshwater Docking Structures' at the bottom of the page and the DES website at  www.des.nh.gov/organization/divisions/water/wetlands/docks/categories/publications.htm

N.H. requires that in a lake the size of Spofford a property with fewer than 75' of water frontage may have a dock that is no more than 4' X 24' (seasonal only). Frontage greater than 75' may have a dock no greater than 6' X 30' (seasonal only). Further regulations and permitting information can be found at:

Permitting for Freshwater Docking Structures 2020.pdf

Dock Regulations: NH Marine Patrol 603 293-0091

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