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Water Quality Testing Results

Water Quality Report

Attached below is the 2020 Spofford Lake Water Quality Report. Results are based on water samples taken from May through September by SLA volunteers and are published annually by NH's Department of Environmental Services (DES).

On the second page, VLAP gives the following recommended actions regarding Spofford Lake's water quality.

“Lake water quality is representative of oligotrophic or high quality conditions. However, water quality in many tributaries to the lake is representative of poor conditions, particularly following storm events. Assess areas prone to stormwater runoff and implement stormwater best practices to divert or infiltrate stormwater prior to reaching tributaries and the lake. Join 'Soak Up the Rain NH' to start identifying and implementing storm water best practices in the watershed.”

The SLA plans to implement a number of projects to reduce water runoff into the lake. Here, we need our members' help.

Regarding the lake's chemical characteristics, Phosphorus, Chlorophyll-a and e.coli levels are “Good, Very Good & Good” respectively. Conversely, pH and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels are “Slightly Bad & Bad”. This is unusual as these measurements generally move together. DO levels and temperature patterns "influence lake productivity, physical properties, phosphorus cycling and fish and aquatic animal populations. Main causes of low DO are increasing amounts of decaying organic matter from stormwater runoff and eroding shoreline.

To better define the reasons for Spofford Lake's chemical profile and as recommended in the 'Spofford Lake Watershed Plan', the SLA funded a 'Core Sediment Analysis'. Please see the 'Core Sediment Analysis' section of this tab for the results.

The Lake's higher' Conductivity' “may indicate pollution from such sources as road salting (and) septic systems...”.

Take time to understand the Lake's vulnerabilities and think about what steps you might take (or not take) to help maintain and improve Spofford Lake's water quality.

2020 Spofford Lake VLAP Individual Lake Report.pdf

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