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Ice Out Lottery Brings Attention to a Changing Lake

Dear Members, Neighbors, and Lake Lovers,

“This is just a contest to have some fun and keep the Lake Association and the Historical Society in the top of the mind when everything is closed up for the weather and for pandemic reasons,” Bayard Tracy SLA President told Bob Audette of the Brattleboro Reformer.

The lake seems to be undergoing a number of changes including that it has still not yet fully frozen and that there is an open water hole near the deepest part of the lake.  In the article, Pam Walton, Vice President of the Chesterfield historical Society and former Secretary and Treasurer of the SLA noted that this is the second year that such a hole has appeared. She went on to say that "I can't find anyone who's ever noticed an ice hole on the lake prior to last year," and that "today [January 25th] the temperature is 10 degrees and the hole remains open water."

While we’re extremely pleased with ticket sales to date, more would certainly be better for all concerned.  Larry Robbins, an SLA member and creator of the lottery, is urging everyone to remember that the deadline for ticket sales is February 15th, and the proceeds really serve two great causes. 

Now that more than 100 tickets have been sold, the winner will take home more than $500.00, with the balance being split between the SLA and the Chesterfield Historical Society.

 To see all the details, and purchase your own $10.00 ticket, click on the 'Ice Out Lottery' tab above. 

In other news from around the lake, the demolition of Spofford Hall, which has stood idle and become an increasing eye sore for approximately 25 years, is nearly complete.  In a January 18th article, the Brattleboro Reformer discussed with Jim Phippard, of Brickstone Land Use Consultants, the process by which the Hall is being brought down.  Since the 18th, casual observers have noted that only a small portion of the right hand section is still upright, but expectations are that that will soon be gone as well.

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