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Annual Meeting Tickets Available, June 15

Dear Members, Friends, and Lake Lovers:

Loon Update:  Working with the Loon Preservation Committee representative Mike DiGoia, our SLA Loon Team has spotted two eggs in the nest on the west side of Pierce Island.  

Let’s give the two possible hatchlings the best chance of survival, by following these commonsense rules:  

•     Kayakers & Paddle Boarders--Stay clear of the ‘roped-off‘ area, 

•     Boaters--Make no wake west of the roped-off area, and

•     Walkers—Walk quietly in the area and do not approach the nest.  In particular, keep dogs quiet, leashed, and well away from the nesting area. 

The loon chicks will most likely hatch around June 25.  After that, the roped off area will be moved to delineate the ‘nursery,’ i.e., the cove between Silverdale and South Shore Road.  Boaters please be sure to keep an eye out for the loons and their chicks and MAKE NO WAKE around them.  

We, and the loons, thank you for your cooperation.

2024 Annual Meeting:  The date is set for Saturday, July 27.  Tickets are now available on our website.  Early bird ticket pricing is $45.00.  Beginning July 11, the ticket price increases to $55.  Check-in and social hour begin at 4:00pm.  Space is limited to a maximum of 80 registrants as there will be NO outside tent seating. 

Boat Ramp Parking:  It has come to the attention of the SLA Board that an incident occurred at the boat ramp parking lot where an individual who parked their vehicle to go kayaking received a warning sticker on their vehicle.  

In checking with the Chesterfield Police Department, this was an unauthorized warning and was not issued by the Police Department. It was also not issued by any lake host personnel or the SLA. 

We would like everyone to know that lake host personnel are not authorized to enforce any parking rules or issues at the boat ramp.  Their job is to inspect boats for weeds as they enter and exit the lake, and they are not authorized to assist in any parking situations.

We are hopeful that this situation was a one-time occurrence and will not happen again. 

The Life and Times of Madame Sherri:  Town Hall @ 7:00pm on Wednesday, July 17.  SLA Board Member, Lynne Borofsky will peel away the layers of myths to reveal the real woman beneath the fur coat.

With a personality like Madame Sherri, tales abound… each more exaggerated than the next.  Did the Prince of Wales really gift her the famed 1927 Packard?  Did she run a brothel and hobnob with Al Capone?  Extremely unlikely, but she did like to party and loved being the center of attention.  Admission is free and so are the refreshments.  

Enjoy a Happy Father’s Day.   

Kind Regards, 

The Spofford Lake Association

Spofford Lake Association

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Spofford, NH 03462

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