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Loonesy Begins. Annual Meeting Ticket Update.  July 4 Festivities.  June 29

Dear Members, Friends, and Lake Lovers:

Loon Update:  Two loon chicks have hatched and have been spotted riding on and frolicking with the parents.  We are very fortunate to have two this year, the first time ever on Spofford Lake.

The "Caution Loon Chicks” signs are placed in areas west of the Island since they seem to using several spots as "nursery areas" for feeding/resting.   Please respect the signage.  Let’s give our newest Lake Lovers the best chance of reaching adulthood by following commonsense rules.

Kayakers, Paddle Boarders, Boaters & Jet Skiers-- Please stay 150 feet away from the loons and use extreme caution when boating in the areas west of the island.

SLA Store:  Don’t forget that the SLA Store has both juvenile loon and eagle designs perfect for baby and toddler gear.  Or order your 2024 Fourth of July T-shirts and water bottles. Or chose a Spofford Lake logo or badge motif.  There are plenty of design and product options: aprons, polo shirts, sweats, caps, magnets, and more.  

2024 Annual Meeting:  Tickets are going fast.  Fewer than 20 remain.  There is a maximum capacity of 80 for the Saturday, July 27 event.  Pricing is $45 per person.   The price climbs to $55 on July 11.  Check-in and social hour begin at 4:00pm.  There will be NO outside tent seating.  Watch this space and your email for more info as the date draws near.  

July 4+ Festivities:  Fireworks by permit only, please.  Refrain from filling and throwing water balloons into the Lake.  Be aware that compostable or biodegradable water balloons 🎈take years to break down.  We surely don’t want a loon or eaglet ingesting balloon bits.

Enjoy the boat parade, which begins at 2pm on the 4th in the cove by North Shore Beach. A cannon goes off indicating the start.  The lead boat is a catamaran with a large American flag as its “main sail.”  Cannons and bells sound off as the parade passes the South Shore Road and Silverdale areas about 3pm.  

Hip, hip hooray and many thanks to Camp Spofford, which will light up the skies with fireworks💥 🧨  on July 4th at dusk.  And, we have heard a rumor that a resident on the Lake will do a drone display on the 5th.  Fingers crossed the weather cooperates.

‘Spoffest’ provides live waterside entertainment, at the western end of North Shore Rd, on July 13 beginning around 1pm.  Also on the 13th is a Sunfish regatta at the Yacht Club.  

Lake Hosts:  Here are some things that you probably don’t know about our Lake Host team.  They are:

     employees of NH LAKES, not the SLA,
     paid by a combination of State grant monies provided through NH LAKES, and funds from the Chesterfield Conservation Commission and the SLA budget, 
     focused solely on assuring no invasive species enter/exit the Lake, 
     not authorized to negotiate parking squabbles but are authorized to call the Chesterfield Police to manage rowdy circumstances, and 
     scheduled for two 6 hours shifts per day, 7 days a week through early October, availability and weather permitting.
Boat Ramp Refurbishment:  Requests for ‘expressions of interest’ were sent to 5 engineering companies in mid-June with a response date of July 2.  Once/if any responses are received, we’ll update you on next steps.

Speaking of the boat ramp, many thanks to the Chesterfield Lions Club for the park bench now available for weary boaters.  

Note of Appreciation:  We asked you to send in your annual membership dues early and you responded with gusto.  We are gratified by your prompt responses and your generous gifts.  Always striving to broaden our range of Lake Lovers, we are very pleased to have 17 new members and counting!  Welcome and thanks to all for this outpouring of support.

Enjoy the holiday, 🇺🇸  Stay safe and watch out for the loons.

The Spofford Lake Association

Spofford Lake Association

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