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Happy Anniversary and Septic Reminder, September 26

Dear Members, Neighbors, and Lake Lovers:

Happy Anniversary SLA:  The Spofford Lake Chesterfield Association Inc. was formed via a filing to the State on July 7, 1971, which was confirmed by the Secretary of State on Sept. 22.   In July 1999, the Board of Directors officially changed the name to the Spofford Lake Association.  Happy 51st anniversary to us. 🎉🎈🎉

Old Home Day:  With a pie eating contest, jugglers, acrobats, classic cars, ice cream social, tug of war between the fire and polices teams, and plenty of vendors from which to buy stuff or learn stuff, the smiles on faces tell the story of a good time had by all at the September 24 Chesterfield Old Home Day.  Bravo to the organizers!

Septic:  This is another courtesy reminder to property owners in the ‘Spofford Lake District’ to submit your paperwork to the Town documenting the proper functioning and maintenance of your septic system by COB Friday, November 4.  The penalty for non-compliance is $100/month.

Water Quality:  The crew was out on September 8 for the last of its summer sampling session.  One more sampling event will happen in October once the Lake has cooled sufficiently for turnover to occur.  Turnover is when the upper waters of the Lake become cooler than the deeper waters in the lake and the lake waters mix, becoming homogenous throughout the depth of the lake.  At that time, the team will measure total phosphorous at 3 locations across the deepest part of the Lake.  This type of sampling was also done in April during Spring turnover.  The results of the Fall and Spring turnover sampling will help pinpoint the amount of phosphorous loading that occurs over the “ice out” period.  

Support:  If you haven’t already done so, please make your 2022 SLA membership dues payment and contribution to the Lake Preservation Fund.  You can make both by logging into your SLA account.  Or send a check to Spofford Lake Association, PO Box 177, Spofford NH 03462. Thank you. 

Happy Fall. 🍁  The Spofford Lake Association

Spofford Lake Association

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