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Labor Day Update

Dear Members, Neighbors, and Lake Lovers:

NH BioBlitz:  September is BioBlitz month in New Hampshire.  BioBlitz is a species scavenger hunt where ordinary citizens find and document different wild living things, for example, plants (including aquatic plants) animals, insects, fungi, and fish and do so using the app iNaturalist.  The data then contributes to a natural inventory of known species present in a certain geography.  Species identified in Chesterfield become part of the Town's "Living Field Guide" of flora, fauna, and fungi.  

The Conservation Commission urges you to take part in this statewide event and go out and record the biodiversity, right here, on the public lands of Chesterfield, e.g., Friedsam Town Forest, Spofford Lake, and Pierce Island.  So far, over 300 wild species have been identified in Chesterfield, including one of New Hampshire's only records of Wulf's peat moss and North America's largest moth, the Cecropia Moth, whose colorful wingspan measures seven inches.  One caution, please don’t touch or disturb anything you photograph. Happy exploring!

319 (Runoff) Grant:  SLA has applied for another 319 grant. These grants, funded in part by the  US EPA Clean Water Act, focus on remediation of nonpoint source point (NPS) runoff.  If awarded, this grant, SLA’s third, will seek to manage runoff at and around the boat ramp and on the properties of up to three homeowners.  

Decision-making has been slowed by the coronavirus and the absence of some paperwork on grant number 2.  We are hopeful that a positive response will be forthcoming.   

Reaching a Wider Audience, Expanding the Membership:  The SLA is grateful for the financial support provided thus far by new and returning members.  Thank you!  If you have not yet renewed your membership or joined the SLA, we urge you to do so now.  To increase support, the SLA has created and hung signs promoting SLA membership at a variety of places in Chesterfield and VT, including at post offices, the Big Deal, Ware’s Grove, the Brattleboro Co-op, and Camp Spofford.  And after extensive research, we’ve also mailed some 200 letters to would-be members.  Please urge your friends and neighbors to join the SLA. 

Labor Day Weekend Sale:  Don’t forget to visit the SLA store and take advantage of our 15% off Labor Day Sale.  The sale begins on Labor Day, Monday, September 5th and is now extended to Wednesday, September 8th. Why not take this opportunity to stock up on fall sweatshirts and cooler weather gear? 

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend with family and friends.

Sincerely, The Spofford Lake Association

Spofford Lake Association

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Spofford, NH 03462

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