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Change of Date...Work in Progress @ Pierce Island, August 16

Dear Members, Neighbors, and Lake Lovers:

Due to an inclement weather forecast for August 17,  the Pierce Island Maintenance Team has postponed its activities until 8:00 AM on Thursday, August 18.  At that time, cleanup and trail management will be performed.  The team expects to have finished its work by mid-day.  

The SLA has two certified chain saw operators.  Don’t’ be alarmed when you hear the whirrrr of the saws as larger downed branches will be cut into pieces small enough to be transported off the Island. 

If you would like to help, please contact Art Huggins at arthuggins23@gmail.com.  For safety sake, if at all possible, we would ask you to NOT visit the Island while the team is in action.  

In 2021 the Spofford Lake Association signed an agreement with NH Parks & Recreation to maintain the paths and signage on the Island.  The agreement was renewed for 2022.  

Many thanks to the Pierce Island team for making it a safe place to visit.

Kind regards, The Spofford Lake Association

Alert vs Advisory

DES has a 2-stage warning system to notify the public of potentially worrisome situations:

Alert:  After a sighting of potential cyanobacteria, DES will issue an ‘Alert.’  This is intended to put the public on notice while a formal investigation and water sample testing occurs.  Alerts may remain in place for some time even though there is no imminent danger.  Alerts may be issued and not encompass an entire waterbody, but rather a general area or specific location. 

Advisory:  DES will issue an 'Advisory' when samples confirm a rate of cells exceeding 70,000/mL.  When such occurs, NH DES placards will be posted. 


Suspect cyanobacteria on your property?  Contact:  SLA and DES.

July 20, 2022--SLA Cyanobacteria Alert.  ⚠️

For the full text,  see our Archive.

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