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Loonessy Begins and Annual Meeting, June 25

Dear Members, Neighbors, and Lake Lovers:

And so it begins again…what one lake resident refers to as ‘loonessy season’.  The loons of Spofford are again nesting.  In about a month, with luck and if everyone gives the loons their space, another chick will hatch. (There is only one egg.)  The nest, again on the west side of Pierce Island, is in an extremely exposed position, open to humans, dogs, and eagles.  The area has been cordoned off both at water level and on the island.  If you are on the water, whether motor boater or kayaker, please respect the barriers and signage and use binoculars to view of the nesting birds.  

If you venture onto the island, please resist the temptation to ‘take a peek’ at the nest as this only stresses the parents, who are already in a precarious position and with enough stress may abandon the nest.  Please respect the signs that have been posted and, in particular, keep your dog leashed and well away from our feathered friends.  

The Spofford Lake Association will hold its 2022 Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 16 at the Spofford Yacht Club beginning at 4:30pm.  Based on member feedback from our recent survey, we’ve booked a Saturday evening and an earlier start time.  Appetizers, dinner, and dessert will be catered.  This is a BYOB event, but mixers and soft drinks will be provided.  A covered outdoor seating alternative will be provided as will an audio (and possibly video) hookup to hear and see the business part of the session.  

Early registration ticket prices are $35.00 per person through July 1, after which they increase to $40. To help us and the caterer with an accurate headcount, please register soon, see sidebar.  Parking at the SYC is very limited, so please walk, bike or carpool with neighbors and friends.  

Is your family or business interested in sponsoring part of the Annual Meeting?  Would you like to donate sports tickets, personal services, a stay at a vacation home or other items to the SLA as a raffle prize?  If so, please contact us here or send us an email.

In other news:  

Near Miss: Recently, a swimmer was nearly hit by a power boat.  Spofford Lake should be safe for everyone, so it’s a good time to draw your attention to our Smart Boating page.  As a reminder, swimmers, please: 

  • Stay within 50 feet of the shoreline.
  • Wear a highly visible swimming cap or floatation buoy topped with flag so you are easily seen by vessel operators.
  • Avoid swimming in early dawn and after dusk hours when visibility is poor.

And power boaters, 

  • Be on the lookout for hazards, and especially for swimmers, and loons too.
  • Follow the speed limits: 20 mph maximum between one-half hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise, 40 mph maximum at all other times.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 200 feet from the shoreline if tubing or water skiing, 300 feet if wake boarding/surfing. 

Please, everyone, be safe out there!  

Out-of State Boats:  Did you know that any boat docked, moored, or operating on any NH waterway that is not registered in the State of New Hampshire must register and display an aquatic invasive species decal?  Lake Hosts provides brochures to visitors at the boat ramp.  Marine Patrol may issue fines for non-compliance.  Click here for details

SLA Store:   July 4th Spofford Lake merch is ready to be shipped to the holiday event at your house.  We have ours.  What about you? Hurray and get your T-shirts in time for the festivities at the SLA Store.

Water Quality Friendly Lawn Care:  Learn how to have an attractive, sustainable lawn that protects Spofford’s water quality.  View the session presented by NH LAKES. 

Until the next time, The Spofford Lake Association

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