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Our Partners

Town of Chesterfield

The SLA is pleased to work with any number of partner organizations, chief among them the Town of Chesterfield and the NH Department of Environmental Services.  Over the years, we have worked extensively and closely with the Town Board of Selectmen, as well as the Planning Board, Finance Committee, and Conservation Commission on such issues as watershed management, road salting, lake water level, Lake District septic regulations and most recently the steep slopes ordinance.  We are grateful for the many forms support we receive and particularly for the recent additional financial funding for the Spofford Lake Control and Remediation of Invasive Species Expendable Trust Fund.  

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State of New Hampshire

We are equally proud of our working partnership with the State of New Hampshire and particularly the Department of Environmental Services.  DES has been extremely helpful in any number of projects over the years, for example, training our weed watch team, providing guidance on runoff including on 319 grants and Soak Up the Rain and assisting in the development of the Watershed Management Plan.  DES is also an important partner in water quality testing and, most recently, quickly jumping in to identify cyanobacteria and advise the public of any health concerns.

We would also like to thank the NH Department of Transportation for its cooperation in the revising the protocols for road salting and help with a 319 grant application.

Southwest Regional Planning Commission (SPC)

Southwest Regional Planning Commission is an important and required partner in securing and administering the US EPA and NH DES grants received to date.  Thus far, grants have financed the creation of the 2018 Watershed Management Plan, and programs (319 Grants) focused on curbing stormwater runoff into the Lake. 

NH LAKES Association

Lastly, NH LAKES, the association which initiated and administers the mighty and vital Lake Host Boat Inspection program provides so much valuable content and educational programming.  It is also strong voice in Concord advocating for legislation and funding to support strong and healthy lakes. 

Here are a selection of NH LAKES YouTube videos:

Lakes in Spring

Lakes in Winter

Boating Safety 101

Keeping the Family Lake House in the Family

Secret Life in Lakes

Updated May 13, 2022

NH Legislative Update

July 1, 2022--HB 1454-FN relates to permits for the siting of new landfills .  It sought to establish a method to determine the distance (i.e., setback) for any new landfill located from rivers, lakes, or coastal waters.  The setback  would prevent any landfill spill from reaching surface or groundwater sources for a minimum of five years thereby allow for remediation and planning. The current setback distance for landfills from surface waters is 200 feet. The bill was vetoed by the Governor .  It is unclear whether there is enough support from the legislature to override the veto. 

The bill results from  a years-long battle by locals to prevent a landfill from being placed near a state park in Dalton, NH. A recent article in the Sentinel provides background info.  While the bill's initial passage was bipartisan, apparently the feathers of many senators were ruffled during the process.

 To email your state legislators, contact Senator Donovan Fenton and your local representative.

Spofford Lake Association

PO Box 177
Spofford, NH 03462

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