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And the Winner Is...

April 5, 2021--Drum roll please…… the winner of the first annual Spofford Lake Ice Out Lottery is Brendan Donaher.

Creator of the Lottery, Larry Robbins, had modest expectations for this first lottery, believing it would be a fun activity for the Association during the cold and quiet months, and that a “good showing” would be 50-60 tickets.   Instead, with the enthusiastic work and support of the Historical Society and posts from Chesterfield residents on Next Door and Facebook and an article in the Brattleboro Reformer, a total of 177 were sold.

The rules of the game were that entrants would choose the date on which they thought ice would no longer be present on the Lake.  If multiple entrants selected a date, then a s ingle winner would be chosen at random.   The winner’s payout would be 50% of ticket sales, with the Historical Society and SLA splitting the balance.

The Ice Out Committee diligently checked around the lake at 2:00pm each day for about a week, and finally, on March 29th, no ice was visible anywhere.  The Committee then drew a random winner from the pool of four entries for that date.  Congratulations Brendan.

“We think this was a successful first attempt, and a good time was had by all” according to Robbins.  We are already looking for ways to improve on it for next year.  

If you have any suggestions for this or other engaging events, please reach to us out at info@spoffordlakeassociation.org. 

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