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Our Mission 

“To protect, enhance and sustain the ecological, environmental and recreational character of Spofford Lake and the surrounding watershed.” 

The Spofford Lake Association (SLA) is an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization of over 225 donors, representing 350+ members.

To that end, our activities and programs work to protect and improve the quality of Spofford Lake's clean, clear water for everyone. These programs include:

  • Lake Hosts.  Volunteers inspect all watercraft entering and leaving the Lake. 
  • Water Quality Testing.  In conjunction with the NH Department of Environmental Services, SLA volunteers sample water during the summer months.
  • Weed Watch.  Teams conduct two inspections of the Lake's shoreline each summer, both from boats and in-water. 
  • Vegetation Survey.  SLA retains a biologist to inspect and report on the Lake's vegetation annually.
  • Reducing Runoff.  Through grants, teams execute strategies to preserve and improve the Lake. 
  • Advocacy.  Supporting local, regional and state government units to develop 'lake friendly' regulations include zoning, septic systems, and road salting practices.  

The SLA is particularly proud to have established (in 2020) the “Spofford Lake Preservation Fund,” whose purpose is to set aside funds, for any future efforts needed to remediate invasive and harmful plants, animals and organisms.  We are pleased and grateful that the Town of Chesterfield  has also created a trust and set aside funds for the same purpose. 

To learn more about SLA and become a member, click here

Page Updated March 11, 2023

Spofford Lake Association

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