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Lake Host Program

The Lake Host™ Program is a courtesy boat inspection program sponsored by NH LAKES in cooperation with the SLA. The program's aim is to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive aquatic plants and animals such as eurasian milfoil and chinese mystery snails into Spofford Lake.

Infestations of these and similar species can quickly and fundamentally change the character of a lake, stream or river. Recreation in and on the water can become unpleasant and even dangerous. Shoreline area property values decline. Infestation is difficult to remediate and expensive to control.

NH legislation has recently created a program to boost prevention. Boaters are now required to "Arrive Cleaned, Drained & Dry" to block invasive species from moving between water bodies on or in boats.

For more information, see NHLakes.org.

The Lake Hosts inspect all boats entering and leaving the lake. The Lake Host program is administered through NH Lakes. The program's total cost for 2019 was $23,323 of which the SLA contributed $13,523, the Chesterfield Conservation Commission $6,000 and matching grant proceeds from NH Lakes for  $3,800. SLA board members Frank Turner and Art Huggins manage the program for us.


Volunteer at the Boat Ramp!!

Seriously!! We need volunteers to augment the schedule kept by our Lake Hosts. If you're interested in helping keep Spofford Lake pristine and clear, and in meeting interesting people as they 'launch' their day on the lake.

Please contact us to volunteer.

Spofford Lake Association
PO Box 177
Spofford NH, 03462 USA



The Spofford Lake Association is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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