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Pierce Island Oversight

What are the origins of SLA’s oversight of Pierce Island? 

In the Spring of 2021, NH Parks and Rec designated the SLA to help maintain Pierce Island as an "unmanaged natural forest.”  The volunteer team is tasked with trail maintenance, maintaining signage, managing trees with a potentially imminent hazard to the public, and keeping the public advised of Island rules.  

What rules apply to Pierce Island? 

Please obey the placards posted around the Island.

No fires or camping are allowed on the Island.  The Island is a natural habitat for birds, including our nesting loons and local eagles.  Wild blueberries are present and available for the picking.  Be kind to the bushes and do not injure root systems.

Please stay on the paths.

Pierce Island has no "facilities."  You will finds port-a-potty at the boat ramp.  

As for pets, please come prepared with plastics bags and carry any 'droppings' back to the mainland for disposal.

How is the Island maintained?

A team of volunteers gathers to tag and remove small trees and debris from unsafe paths.  While certified chain saw operators cut the debris into manageable pieces, others stack the wood for later removal.  

    Page Updated Sept 25, 2023

    Pierce Island is a "reserve," considered an "unmanaged natural forest" by the State of New Hampshire.

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