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Pierce Island Oversight

On May 27, members of the SLA, and representatives from NH Division of Parks and Recreation, along with Town BoS member Kelli Hanzalik met to map out a plan to 'manage' Pierce Island.  

Parks and Rec has since designated the SLA to help maintain Pierce Island as an "unmanaged natural forest.”  Volunteers will mark pathways, maintain signage, manage tree hazards with a potentially imminent hazard to the public and keep the public advise of Island rules.  

The public is reminded that no fires or camping are allowed on the Island.  The Island is a natural habitat for birds, including our nesting loons and local eagles.  Wild blueberries are present and available for the picking.  Please be kind to the bushes and do not injure the root system.  

Pierce has no "facilities" so curb your pets and yourself at the boat ramp where you will find an SLA sponsored port-a-potty.  

A work session is being scheduled in early July.  To sign up to help, use our Volunteer form.

    Page Updated June 18 2021

    Pierce Island is "reserve," considered an "unmanaged natural forest" by the State of New Hampshire.” 

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